Lorissa was born and raised in Austin, Texas where she currently resides with her husband, daughter, son and two dogs. Her favorite things are casual gatherings with friends and family, chocolate, red wine, fashion, and fun in the sun. She’s a recovering extrovert looking to observe more and talk less. Lorissa’s gift of positivity and humor allow her to encourage herself, her friends and family to keep moving forward until they get back to the good in all situations.

Lorissa’s love of writing started in high school while attending classes in the honor’s English program. It was there she was encouraged to make an attempt at creative writing. Her favorite form was self-deprecating humor that chronicled events from her own life. She always knew when the teacher was grading her essay because of the uncontrolled chuckles and looks of disbelief. When it came time for the honor’s English pin to be awarded to one student in the junior class, Lorissa assumed it would be one of the usual 3-5 who won every academic award every year. Much to her surprise, and the shock of the entire National Honors Society (of which she was not a member), her name was called to receive the pin.

Despite having many requests from friends and family, Lorissa struggled for over a year about whether or not to put her unique thoughts and life experiences into a blog. She wondered if blogging was narcissistic. Why would she assume anyone would care about anything she had to say? She decided her readership might be ten people and that would be okay and not at all narcissistic. In sharing her writing and musings, Lorissa hopes to strip away preconceived notions about people who are perceived as having it all together. No one has a perfect life, and no one should feel forced to pretend that they do. Embrace your crazy, share it with the world, and you will be amazed at how many other people will thank you for putting your experiences out there. Your authentic self is the best self you have!

*photo by glitterednest.com